The glossary is intended to provide helpful information for planning and execution with the help of regulations, guidelines, standards and pipe tables.

The German Institute for Building Technology is a joint authority of the federal and state governments based in Berlin. The main task of the DIBt is to grant national approvals for non-regulated construction products and types and to issue European Technical Assessments (ETA) according to the EU Construction Products Regulation.

Specially developed for DOYMA especially non-slip and age-resistant elastomer mixture. This mixture prevents friction-reducing substances, e.g. mineral oils used as plasticizers, cause the sealing insert to slip.

(DOYMA Diameter Extension) With the system, media lines are sealed without tools over a large dimension range. Adaptation to the different pipe or cable diameters is achieved by means of rubber modules of different sizes that can be pulled out on both sides.

(Double Profile System) Name for the asymmetrical profiling of the steel rings on the inside of the sealing inserts developed by DOYMA.

European Technical Assessment, a proof of the technical usability of construction products for which there is no harmonized European standard. In the area of ​​fire protection bulkheads, the existence of an ETA is not sufficient proof of usability, but a national proof of usability is required.

European technical assessment: see ETA, but according to the Construction Products Ordinance instead of the Construction Products Directive.

Indicates how long a component or type offers resistance to a fire. It is divided into the terms relating to building regulations (fire-retardant, highly fire-retardant, fire-resistant) and the product-related terms (e.g. R30, R60, R90). The previous design-related classification acc. DIN 4102 is increasingly being replaced by the standardized European fire resistance classes according to DIN EN 13501 (e.g. EI90).

Describes the following property of a gasket insert: Sealed against all gases that do not attack the material (e.g. air, nitrogen, noble gases, etc.).

Materials testing institute for the construction industry in Braunschweig

(Integrated Torque Limiter) Garantiert beim Verspannen immer das richtige Drehmoment. Speziell für diesen Zweck entwickelte Muttern trennen sich bei einem definierten Drehmoment schnell und zuverlässig ab.

Plastic modified bitumen thick coating

Health assessment of plastics and other non-metallic materials within the framework of the Food and Consumer Goods Act for the drinking water sector.

Light partition wall in stand construction with steel substructure and planking on both sides made of plasterboard fire protection boards or non-combustible cement or gypsum-bound building boards. These walls can be erected according to the standard specifications of DIN 4102-4 or according to manufacturer-specific proof of usability.

Model building code, basis of the individual building codes of the respective federal states

(Model) cable system guidelines for cable systems in escape routes, the routing of cables through walls and ceilings and the maintenance of functionality of electrical cable systems in the event of a fire.

Materials testing institute or materials testing office, independent mostly state testing laboratory, for the purpose of material, building material and type testing.

Does not exert any or only slight hydrostatic pressure on the seal.

  • Corresponds to stress class 2 according to the WU guideline
  • Corresponds to the water impact class W1-E "soil moisture and non-pressing water" and W3-E "non-pressing water on ceilings covered with earth" according to DIN 18533

(Soft Tight System) Solves the sealing problem with highly structured pipe surfaces with flying colors: A sealing insert that reaches deep into the grooves of the pipe surface through a soft butyl tape and seals it there reliably and permanently.

Waterproof or impermeable structures do not require additional skin sealing. This includes, above all, the structures made of water-impermeable reinforced concrete (waterproof concrete). These waterproofing structures are also known as "white tank".

Approval in individual cases, construction product or type approved by the supreme building supervisory authority of the respective federal state that is not listed in building regulations list A and for which there are no technical building regulations and no abZ.

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