Due to the changes in the world of work, the DOYMA GmbH & Co is relying on a flexible working environment for their approx. 240 employees, i.e. a modern office concept with open areas for communication, zones for concentrated and creative work and relaxation areas for relaxation. Different departments have the opportunity to work together flexibly. The most important goal is to increase cooperation and well-being, as well as creativity and performance, as well as the motivation of the employees.

Our premises are therefore tailored to the numerous, individual needs of our employees. We take you on a small visual tour of our rooms to bring you closer to the world of DOYMA.


We would like to welcome you in the foyer, take a seat and look through the large glass fronts into the green. From there we take you to the showroom, where employees can explain the portfolio of DOYMA sealing and fire protection systems to our guests using exhibits.

Impressiones of our rooms

Hello! Welcome, nice that you have found your way to us! We are happy that you are there!

Do you still have a few minutes to wait? Take a seat and enjoy the view through the large glass fronts into the green!

In the showroom we show the DOYMA portfolio using exhibits and visualizations from the areas of sealing and fire protection systems.

On this axis of the ground floor there are also numerous, modern conference rooms that we have named after planets. At this point we welcome you to our DOYMA planetary system. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars give space for small meeting rounds as well as for large meetings. Partition wall modules make the rooms partially connectable for large events. State-of-the-art audio conference systems offer the possibility to conduct audio and video conferences.


Comfortable meeting rooms with the most modern technical equipment can be found on all levels.

Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars give space and technical equipment, the partitions are movable for a modular room design.

We give our employees perfect conditions for their meetings, presentations, audio and video conferences.

In our internal meeting point for breaks, the so-called “casino”, we offer our employees an extensive lunch menu. Via the web-based software system "Mensa-Max" you can log in comfortably and make your menu selection in advance. The casino menu changes weekly and offers a selection of wholesome dishes from Monday to Friday, always with a vegetarian option on the menu . A salad bar with fresh raw food supplements the offer. There is also a breakfast and snacks offer. Conclusion: 100% delicious! What you bring can of course be warmed up in the microwave. Attractive tea kitchens with seating and refrigerator can be found on every floor. Tea, Coffee and water are available free of charge.

In our internal meeting point for breaks, the so-called “casino”, we offer our employees an extensive lunch menu.

Short meetings with colleagues or business lunches with customers and suppliers are also possible here in a relaxed atmosphere.

Delicious lunches and snacks and thus the physical well-being of the workforce is always taken care of. Via the web-based Mensa-Max software system, you can log in comfortably and make your menu selection in advance.

Spacious central zones on each floor are real well-being miracles to collect thoughts or for small talk among colleagues. The generously designed areas offer opportunities for retreat, to gain new strength and develop good ideas during working hours. The areas are equipped with lounge furniture and stand out in terms of design thanks to the modern and at the same time warm, natural, wooden construction.

In the middle zones you can relax and meet with colleagues for an exchange.

Our middle zones offer the opportunity for short meetings, to relax and unwind during breaks.

Here you can enjoy a short stay and small talk among colleagues!

Our employees have a generous creative space at their disposal to develop and promote creative concepts. Think tanks on two floors make it possible to switch from open communication within the team to individual work associated with calm.

A generous creative space is available to develop and promote creative concepts!

At the meeting in the creative room, our employees can give free rein to new ideas. We give our employees the space for this.

Think tanks, thinker cells, according to the room-in-room principle, give the opportunity to carry out individual work associated with calm.

As an innovative employer, we want to constantly improve the compatibility of work and family to make working at DOYMA even more attractive. A lovingly designed parent-child room enables mom or dad to work while the kids play.

DOYMA offers the opportunity to take the offspring to work in emergencies, for this there is a lovingly designed, child-friendly parent-child room.

... do homework, no problem. The parent-child room is equipped with everything a child's heart desires, so everyone involved is taken care of if there is no short-term care.

While mom or dad is working, you can eagerly play next door.
The spatial situation enables a perfectly coordinated cooperation.

On our tour, we also make a detour into the area of manufacturing and shipping. Here, too, we offer our employees a modern workplace design. Height-adjustable production tables that can be individually adjusted to the height of the employees are part of the ergonomic equipment. Partly automated shipping also creates an employee-friendly, work-saving environment.

Height-adjustable production tables ensure that the work posture is correct.

Individuality ensures job satisfaction. We provide appropriate equipment so that the work runs smoothly.

A partially automated and optimized process enables a gentle, employee-friendly workflow.

In our modern world of work, a kicker should not be missing. At company celebrations and during breaks, you can kick as you please, because that promotes team spirit and creativity. The fun factor and the togetherness should be in the foreground! At DOYMA there are also other events such as a Christmas party and a cabbage ride Here you can prepare for events sponsored by DOYMA, such as the B2Run.

Whether eating at the "Casino" break meeting or as part of DOYMA-
Events, the togetherness is very important to us, we like to get together!

A kicker is also available at DOYMA. Not only at company celebrations, but also during breaks, you can "kick", because that promotes team spirit and creativity.

Occasionally we meet for after work events, first of all about current innovations in the company, before moving on to the relaxed part of the evening.

Outside there are also numerous opportunities to take a break or to meet for a short meeting. A terrace area offers plenty of seating, a beach chair and beach chairs, as well as a view of the countryside. Natural stones, a natural watercourse give you the opportunity to find relaxation and tranquility. The grown environment is characterized by a rural idyll and surrounded by green oak trees.

All-round balconies give you the opportunity to relax in the fresh air. The grown environment is characterized by a rural idyll and surrounded by green oak trees.

An idyllic outdoor area with a spacious terrace and plenty of seating invites you to linger during breaks and for company events!

We hope that we were able to give you a little insight. Maybe we'll see you soon, here at DOYMA!

We hope we could give you a little impression. We want our employees to feel welcome and comfortable with us from the very first moment! Perhaps you should take a look at our job ads and become part of the DOYMA team yourself, we look forward to hearing from you!

Our employees are our greatest asset. That is why we promote freedom for ideas, independent action, diversity and health.

We offer all our employees:
• Comprehensive training in a modern and ergonomic workplace
• Flexible working hours and security in an expanding family business
• Christmas, holiday and company child benefit as well as travel allowance from 50 km
• Company pension scheme, economics and company accident insurance
• Occupational health management and corporate fitness
• Personal and professional training
• Lunch delivery in our "casino"
• Parent-child room, creative room, think tanks
• Motivated team, very familiar with you culture

In addition to the "Open Company" seal of approval, which confirms proactive and open dealings with employees, DOYMA GmbH & Co was also awarded the highest quality seal "Top Company" by kununu due to consistently positive reviews by employees and applicants in different categories.

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Corporate fitness has many advantages. That is why DOYMA, in collaboration with qualitrain, enables its employees with just one membership to use over 1400 network partners and to practice, for example, fitness, swimming, yoga and bouldering. This strengthens the entire cardiovascular system and prevents back pain. Active athletes form a more productive, motivated and healthy team

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