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Berlin Zoo is the most visited zoo in Europe, attracting almost four million visitors a year. Founded in 1844 as Germany´s first zoo, it is also one the oldest zoo of the world. With around 1.200 spicies, the Berlin Zoo is considered one of the most species-rich zoos in the world. From gigant elephants to fascinating poisonous spiders, there is a unique variety of species for young and old to discover at Zoo Berlin.

In addition to the animal inhabitants, zoo guests can also explore the attractive adventure worlds. The new rhino habitat will be an exciting new world of experience. The near-natural habitats will be a new home for the endangered armoured rhinoceros, along with other animal species. The 25-metre high tower, which will stand in the centre of the rhino enclosure, will set an example for the endangered animals.

The building is to be visually based on other historical buildings of the zoo, such as the Elephant Pagoda, which was destroyed during the Second World War. Thanks to the special architecture of the tower, zoo visitors will be even closer to the animals in the future. For example, in future, armoured rhinos, together with pustel pigs and tapirs, can be observed in a unique natural habitat - the rhinos can even be seen bathing through a large armoured pane.

The impressive rhino house will be built between the Lion's Gate entrance, Hippo Bay and the "Hans in Luck" petting zoo.

The facility is scheduled for completion in autumn 2022. After a short acclimatisation period for the animals in the new enclosures, zoo guests will then be able to visit the animals in their new world of experience in spring 2023.




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