The Winfriedhaus is located in the Ore Mountains, 30 kilometers south of Dresden. The Winfriedhaus Schmiedeberg is sponsored by the catholic church. The name of the house (Winfried) comes from the holy St. Boniface. He was the most famous Christian missionary and the most important church reformer in France. Children, teenagers and young adults are invited here to spend time together and to share life issues. The pastoral care organize a lot of courses for the young people.

The Winfriedhaus is also a meeting place for different excursions for example for children and youth trips, school class trips, for choir and orchestra trips. It is also a place for conference events, seminars and workshops.

The house was renovated, rebuilt and expanded in 2019. For 1,5 years ago the Windfriedhaus gives a farewell-party and it was duly celebrated with over 200 people. The two outbuildings and the hall building were demolished, rebuilt and expanded with two more houses. The new bright and friendly colors of the house invite to stay and come in. The colors were chosen consciously, they should express joy of life. By the way the colours have also a calming and harmonizing effect. Since the first septembre the Winfriedhaus was open its doors again.

The house has a total of 70 beds, distributed in 4-bed to 6-bed rooms, each with its own sanitary area. In addition the seminar-groups have access to a large hall, four meeting rooms, a creative workshop and a room with table tennis and a soccer. The outdoor area offers plenty of space for cozy barbecue evenings and good sports facilities (volleyball and basketball court). You start the day with a rich breakfast. Lunch and dinner are lovingly prepared with regional products, in between like coffee and cake are also served if required.  


Winfriedhaus, WFH, 01762 Schmiedeberg

Exective Company:

Bau Dresden – Gruna GmbH, Dresden, Germany         

Hahn und Kollegen GmbH, Architekten und Ingenieure, Dresden, Germany

Trading Partner:

Reinholdshainer Raiffeisen Handels GmbH, Reinholdshain-Dippoldiswalde, Germany                         


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Product Range(s):

Sealing Systems


  • Curaflex® C
  • Curaflex® C/S
  • Curaflex® C/M/T
  • Curaflex Nova® Uno
  • Curaflex® pipe sleeves 8000
  • Curaflex® 8000 /M/S            

To seal all on-site pipe penetrations against pressing water. Make shure to using asbestos-free fiber cement liners.

Installation of Curaflex® Sealing systems against pressing water.


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