Wind farm Klettwitz

The Klettwitz, Brandenburg wind farm, which consists of two parts, Klettwitz Nord and Klettwitz Süd, was built in 1999 in Klettwitz-Nord. A total of 38 Vestas V66-1.65MW systems were used. The turbines had a rotor diameter of 66 m, a hub height of 78 m, and a nominal output of 1.65 MW each. On the operator side, the neighboring suitability areas of Klettwitz-Nord and Klettwitz-Süd were combined as a common wind farm in Klettwitz. With an output of approx. 63 MW, it was the most powerful European wind farm at the time of its inauguration in 1999.

In 2006, the wind farm was expanded to include two Vestas V90-2MW turbines with a rotor diameter of 90 m, a hub height of 105 m, and a nominal output of 2 MW each. In 2014/15 there was a repowering, in which all old systems of the type V66-1.65MW were dismantled; the two V90-2MWs built later remained. They were replaced by 27 wind turbines of the Vestas V112-3.3MW type, resulting in a total output of 93 MW, including the two systems taken over.

In October 2015, the 27 plants were sold to the John Laing Group. Five further wind turbines of the type V112-3.3MW were put into operation as a south extension in mid-2017.

With construction phase 2, the construction of another 10 Vestas V117-3.3MW systems and the planned commissioning from February 2020.

We are happy about so much fresh wind for renewable energies and a sustainable energy policy.

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Origin/ founded: By Ventotec GmbH – Today: enercity Erneuerbare GmbH

Construction company

Behse GmbH Concrete drilling and sawing technology, Dahlewitz, Germany



Wind farm operator

enercity Erneuerbare GmbH, Germany; John Laing, Great Britain

Year of installation

Product range(s)

Sealing systems


  • Curaflex® sealing inserts
  • C40 M / T / S special designs
  • C / 0 with DPS

Sealing of penetrations when used in on-site casing or waterproof drilling, ideally wide, soft EPDM rubber, ideal for plastic casing pipes.

Installation of Curaflex® Type C / 0 and Type C40 in special designs


Installed DOYMA products