Chocolate factory with tradition since 1895

For 125 years, everything in the family business from Herford has revolved around the art of chocolate. Founded as a biscuit factory, Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG developed over four generations into the East Westphalian premium manufacturer in the organic and fair trade chocolate sector of today. Around 400 employees continuously work on refined recipes to inspire their customers with the fascinating diversity of chocolate. The company's activities are based on the central cornerstones of tradition, aspiration and responsibility. Traditional values ​​and visions of the entrepreneurial family are brought into line with today's requirements. Responsibility towards people and nature is an important measure of daily work. The top priority of the family company is to treat all people involved along the value chain with respect, to promote social projects and to protect the environment for future generations in the long term. To further expand the company, a tank farm was built - two-storey with a height of 6.30 meters. A new tank farm was built for the further expansion of the company. As part of this, a total of 11 lines were laid below the top of the site to connect the existing company building with the new tank farm. The sealing of the bushings was carried out with DOYMA sealing systems, so we too were allowed to show our best side!


The top priority of the family business is to meet everyone involved
To treat people along the value chain with respect, to promote social projects and to sustainably protect the environment for future generations.

Credo of the family-owned company
Factory site of the company
Tank depot of the company, where the DOYMA sealing systems are in use
High quality chocolate creations made in Germany, were the traditonal company is located
Logistic area on the factory site
Only the finest cacao beans are se selected for the high quality chocolates of Weinrich


Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG, Herford, Germany

General partner:

GeBauTec GmbH Ingenieurbüro für Gebäudetechnik, Steinhagen, Germany

Excecuting company:

Dahmen Netze, Bielefeld, Germany


BKS Architekten, Bielefeld, Germany

Trading partner

HTI Cordes & Graefe KG, Gütersloh, Germany



Year of installation

Product range(s)

Sealing systems


  • Curaflex® 7006 and 8000 plate constructions

Pressurized water-tight sealing of media pipes DN 200 and DN 250 for heating, chocolate filling and removal as well as for supplying cocoa butter and cocoa butter within a tank farm wall.

Curaflex® 7006 and 8000 special constructions as a multi-plate design including the sealing inserts C, against pressing water.


Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG, Herford, Germany

Installed products

Installation situation of the connection of the new building
Curaflex® C sealing insert
Curaflex® 7006 plate construction
Curaflex® 8000 plate construction