Airbus Finkenwerder

Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airfield is a special landing site in the southwest of Hamburg and part of the Airbus Operations GmbH site in Hamburg-Finkenwerder on the Elbe. It has a runway on which about 10 to 15 planes take off and land on workdays as part of test and delivery flights as well as material and factory air traffic.

The Airbus site is about 10 km as the crow flies west of Hamburg city center. It belongs to the Finkenwerder district and thus to the Hamburg-Mitte district. Much of the plant is located on the backfill area in the former Mühlenberger Loch. The Hamburg-Finkenwerder airfield as the Airbus factory airfield is the location of all Airbus A318, A319, A321 and also part of the A320, which are assembled in Hamburg and delivered to customers.

Airbus A380 have been flying to the airport for interior fitting, painting and delivery since 2007.

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Airbus Operation GmbH, Hamburg, Germany


Airbus Operation GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Trading partner

HTI Cordes & Graefe KG, Stuhr, Germany

Excecuting Trading

Köster GmbH, Osnabrück & Firma Rode, Wischhafen, Germany

Year of installation

Product range(s)

Sealing systems


  • Curaflex® C-40 sealing inserts
  • Curaflex® C / S sealing inserts (special designs)

Renewal of shaft structures on the premises of Deutsche Airbus. In particular, the pressure-water-tight partitioning of media pipes within core holes.

The use of Curaflex® sealing inserts C40 as well as sealing inserts C / S for the application area "pressurized media pipe seal". C-40 for watertight partitioning against corrugated media pipes, material quality V2A to DN 450 and C special designs for different media pipe dimensions.


Airbus Operation GmbH - Neßdeich, 21129 Hamburg, Germany

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