Curaflex® F (D)

  • Sealing of penetrations
  • Use in on-site casing or WU concrete core drilling (white tank)
  • with additional large ring for axial fixation
  • for high hydrostatic pressure
  • Variant: Curaflex® D - same properties, but assembly from the pressure-facing side ("water side")
  • Against pressing water
  • Sealing of penetrations
  • Use in on-site pipe sleeve or waterproof concrete core bore (white tank)
  • With additional large ring for axial mounting
  • For high hydrostatic pressure
  • Easy assembly thanks to precise dimensions, large sealing areas
  • Permanently sealed – no need to re-tension later (maintenance-free)
  • Greater sealing performance of the gasket insert thanks to DPS and DOYMA-Grip
  • System component, without cuts or divisions, with water-tight welded bolts
  • The large ring allows for secure mounting – including for high pressure
  • Mounting from the non-pressure-facing side
  • Gas and water-tight
  • Bending of medium pipes up to 8º is possible
  • Can accommodate axial movements
  • Twin sealing, with large ring
  • Variant: Curaflex® D - properties as described above, but assembly from the pressure-facing side ("water side").
  • Certified under FHRK test regulation GE 101 (no. G 30 322-2-2)
  • Frame rings: asymmetrically profiled steel rings (DPS to KB/DN 350), GGV triple corrosion protection coating; optionally made of stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A) or 1.4571/1.4404 (V4A)
  • Rubber seal: elastomer, 2 × 27 mm thick EPDM seals (DOYMA-Grip), optional EPDM-TW, NBR (fuel/oil-resistant) or silicone (high temperature-resistant) or FPM (chemical-resistant)
  • orange centre ring (up to KB/DN 350)
  • Aquagard core bore sealant

Product video

Curaflex® sealing gasket with Double Profile System (DPS)


Proper fire protection systems as well as ensuring watertightness in accordance with the given structural conditions of BASF.

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