Integrated Torque LimiterDOYMA-GripRadon-Schutz

Curaflex Nova® Uno/wide

  • Sealing of penetrations
  • Use in waterproof concrete core bore (white tank)
  • Ideal for double/element walls
  • Against non-pressing and pressing water
  • Sealing of penetrations
  • Use in waterproof concrete core bore (white tank)
  • Ideal for double/element walls
  • With ITL system for optimal contact pressure – can also be installed with a cordless screwdriver
  • Easy assembly thanks to precise dimensions
  • Permanently sealed – no need to re-tension later (maintenance-free)
  • Greater sealing performance of the gasket insert thanks to DOYMA-Grip
  • Wide rubber seal covers prefabricated concrete shell and core concrete
  • Clear positioning thanks to fixing tabs (included in the scope of delivery)
  • Gas and water-tight
  • Bending of medium pipes up to 8º is possible
  • Can accommodate axial movements
  • 80 mm sealing width
  • Tested according to FHRK test basis GE 101 (No. G 30 322-2-5)
  • Split blue frame rings made of high-performance plastic
  • Split elastomer sealing ring, 2 × 40 mm wide, made of
  • EPDM (DOYMA-Grip)
  • V4A stainless steel quick release
  • ITL nuts
  • A4 stainless steel screws
  • 4 fixing tabs including V2A stainless steel screws
  • Aquagard core bore sealant
  • ITL nut set



Optimal contact pressure through an automatically set correct torque. Specially developed ITL nuts reliably detach at the defined torque.


The specially developed ageing-resistant elastomer prevents friction-reducing substances from causing the gasket insert to slip under load.


When sealing the soles and basement walls of supply and disposal lines, Curaflex® sealing gaskets are the first choice for radon-contaminated floors.

Product video

Curaflex Nova® with Integrated Torque Limiter (ITL)


Implementation of supply and disposal lines through existing walls (masonry) with wall thicknesses from 300 mm to 1650 mm and line diameters from 50 mm to 400 mm.

The masonry was provided with a PMBC surface seal. The lines partly in stock and partly in a close arrangement. In addition, the line was close to the base of the building. The project planner's requirement was to create a clean separation between the building and pipe seals.

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