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Curaflex Nova® Senso

• Sealing of penetrations
• Use in on-site casing or waterproof concrete core bore (white tank)
• Ideal for flexible pipes

  • Against non-pressing and pressing water
  • Sealing of penetrations
  • Use in on-site casing or waterproof concrete core bore (white tank)
  • Ideal for flexible pipes
  • With ITL system for optimal contact pressure – can also be installed with a cordless screwdriver
  • With STS for the gentle sealing, thus ideal for flexible pre-insulated plastic pipes and flexible cable protection pipes
  • Easy assembly thanks to precise dimensions
  • Permanently sealed – no need to re-tension later (maintenance-free)
  • Greater sealing performance
  • Certified under FHRK test regulation GE 101 in DN 200 without radial load as per 4.3.2 (no. G 30 322-2-8)
  • Gas and water-tight
  • Bending of medium pipes up to 8º is possible
  • 45 mm sealing width
  • Blue frame rings made of high-performance plastic
  • Elastomer sealing ring, 45 mm wide, made of EPDM (DOYMA-Grip), with butyl insert
  • ITL nuts
  • STS: for gentle sealing
  • A4 stainless steel screws
  • Aquagard core bore sealant
  • Fixing tabs



Optimal contact pressure through an automatically set correct torque. Specially developed ITL nuts reliably detach at the defined torque.


Gentle sealing of sensitive pipes ideal for corrugated pipes, structured plastic coates and cable protection pipes.


The specially developed ageing-resistant elastomer prevents friction-reducing substances from causing the gasket insert to slip under load.

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Curaflex Nova® Senso - The innovative spacialist

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