The use of high-quality materials and components in a construction project is of essential importance. Finding the right products with the required quality in the opaque jungle of offers is often not easy for planners and executors. For this reason, the trade association house entries for pipes and cables e.V., the "FHRK Quality" seal. Only quality-tested products from the sealing system segment that meet the quality and product standards of the FHRK may wear it. This also includes many sealing inserts and casing pipes from the DOYMA range.

Principles and minimum requirements for quality and the construction of a modern sealing system result from operational, safety-related and economic aspects as well as for reasons of building protection. This means that a sealing system must prevent water and gas from entering the building from the outside if it is installed and used as intended. But how can planners and contractors be sure that the products they select meet these requirements?

In order to make things clearer, the Fachverband Hauseinführung für Rohr und Kabel e.V. has developed the "FHRK Quality" label, which may only be worn by members' products that have been tested in accordance with the requirements of the relevant FHRK test basis and provide appropriate evidence for quality assurance. The FHRK developed this standard in close cooperation with utilities and other actors in the scene. The tests were carried out by the independent test institute iro GmbH Oldenburg. These were not just classic leak tests. Instead, the products were also examined for influencing factors that only appear after installation. Such as influences of the loads caused by compaction of the pipe trench, concreting of the casing pipes and the acting forces when shuttering the cable bushings.

Representatives of DOYMA and five other companies in the industry were given the test certificates at the Oldenburg Pipeline Forum 2019. DOYMA is now entitled to label the relevant products with the "FHRK Quality" seal.

The FHRK quality seal

Press seals – just a choice – with FHRK seal of quality

Curaflex ® A
Curaflex Nova® Uno
Curaflex® Quick In A
Curaflex Nova® Senso
Curaflex® Quick In C
Curaflex Nova® Multi

Pipe sleeves with FHRK quality seal

Curaflex® 3000
Curaflex® 3001
Curaflex® 9000

FHRK certificates


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