If the situation requires it, the path to a special construction is usually short! As a planner, architect and general contractor, you are used to planning for the long term and eliminating possible risks. Therefore, consider special constructions in the best sense as a worthwhile "safety investment" to prevent inadequately secured seals of media lines.


The technically experienced DOYMA consultants in the office conduct an initial informational discussion by telephone (or via chat). In this way, the necessary key data can be collected, coordinated and the feasibility checked. If all the data has been collected, we can do this within three hours. In the case of building projects, planners and architects are often confronted with complex issues that require detailed specialist knowledge.


Our specialists, consisting of designers, product developers, test engineers and application technicians, take care of a measurement and reliable concepts for you. In the test laboratory, for example, tests are carried out to ensure feasibility and function. DOYMA has set up an internal "Design Competence Team" which discusses all technical aspects of special designs on an interdisciplinary basis and derives quality guidelines from this. 

After production, we hand over a customised quality product to our customers. The individual product is subjected to another quality check before it leaves our premises. For this, the product is securely packed and sent on its way ready for transport, because safety is also the top priority during transport! At the end is the assembly, because your special design is a worthwhile "safety investment" to prevent inadequately secured seals of media lines.

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