Quadro-Secura® Nova 2-M

  • Mehrkammer-Hauseinführung mit beidseitiger Abdichtung
  • Einsatz in bauseitiger Verrohrung oder wasserundurchlässiger Betonkernbohrung (weißer Tank)
  • Für die Mehrfachbelegung unterschiedlicher Haustechnik
  • Multi-compartment house lead-in with sealing on both sides
  • Use in on-site casing or waterproof concrete core bore (white tank)
  • For multiple assignment of different building services
  • For multiple assignment of different individual building services (not gas)
  • Leak-tight against gas and pressing water
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive through manufacturing from high-performance plastic
  • Installation without torque spanner thanks to turn-stop system
  • Infinitely variable modular gaskets for water and energy
  • Extremely easy installation
  • Light component weight
  • Easy assignment of the trade seal by symbol labeling
  • DVGW approved
  • Methane gas resistant
  • Dry installation
  • Optional installation in accordance with DIN 18195/DIN 18533 possible
  • 100% separation of building services; each section is sealed separately
  • Variable arrangement of individual compartments possible
  • The entire component is freely rotatable according to the connection requirements
  • Relining possible when connecting jacket pipes
  • Connection option for rigid or flexible jacket pipes DN 75; larger or smaller diameters are possible via expansion sleeves or reductions
  • All building services are given dummy plugs that are leaktight against gas and pressing water

Practice video

Multi-compartment house lead-in in use