The topic of Covid 19 and all related measures will continue to occupy us and influence our professional and private life. Of course, we comply with the requirements and requirements for the protection and well-being of our customers and employees. We would also like to continue to ensure the supply of our DOYMA products and keep you up to date. In addition to mailings and information in our newsletter, we will also pass on important information to you here on our website. Of course, your usual contact persons are still reliably available for you.

Advice and the ability to deliver is ensured

Dear Business Partners!

The corona virus has a firm grip on Germany. At DOYMA, we naturally follow the federal government's guidelines to slow down the spread in order to protect the health of our employees and customers. Therefore, we have completely stopped all travel activities of our employees. Of course we are still available for you by phone or email. Not sure who is responsible for you? You will find it HERE.

Personal contact and the well-known good DOYMA advice is one thing. The ability to deliver for our extensive product range is different. Here too we can give the all-clear. DOYMA is well positioned and the availability of all products is currently secured.

Stay healthy.

Your DOYMA team

Act dynamically

Unfortunately, the dynamics of all measures relating to Covid 19 are still unpredictable. That is why today we focus on ours and therefore also your ability to deliver. Maintaining the ability to deliver is currently associated with great efforts. However, this only works as long as all the necessary processes are running stably. With a view to these processes, our supply of raw material is therefore under special observation. It cannot be ruled out that the supply chains may be interrupted. The result would be an extended delivery time for individual items. Even if there are currently no delays and these are not yet becoming apparent, we ask you to always evaluate your inventory, taking into account the current conditions, in order to be able to ensure delivery of DOYMA products as far as possible. We will keep you up to date on our website, via mailings and in the newsletter!

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