In addition to advice on the phone, on-site technical advice forms the second pillar of support: When it comes to building objects, planners and architects are often faced with complex issues that require detailed specialist knowledge. DOYMA district leaders can provide support and help with personal help. They always provide up-to-date and competent advice.

Personal telephone customer advice is simply priceless and cannot be replaced by anything

Joerg Kruse, technical consultant at DOYMA

The technical support on site at the construction site by our district managers enjoys a high reputation among our customers: both for the area of ​​sealing systems and for fire protection. Our district managers have additional qualifications as "specialist planners for preventive fire protection" in accordance with EIPOS (European Institute for Postgraduate Education GmbH).

With this concept, we extend our sphere of activity from the telephone through the production hall to the construction site. The installation of pipe and cable bushings as well as the professional installation of fire insulation for pipes and cables is the special field of activity of our service partners, whose work requires great experience and a lot of know-how.

Service partners are specialists with in-depth specialist knowledge that you receive directly from DOYMA. Your qualifications are expanded annually in special events. The successful participation in the seminars certifies a certificate and thus brings the specialist knowledge of our service providers up to date. Our service partners produce especially for non-everyday jobs such as measuring measurements, installing fixed / loose flange combinations and professionally fitting unique items excellent results.

The wholesaler can mediate the respective DOYMA service partner in the region. The contact can also be made directly via DOYMA. The close cooperation between the service partner, the wholesaler and us as the manufacturer has proven itself for many years and has always proven to be a real plus for the customer.

Contact person: Michael Kapitzki
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Contact person: Kirsten Klatt
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Contact Person: Karl-Michael Behse
Hohenbudberger St. 33
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Contact person: Oliver Dreher
Muehlenst. 10
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