With our own highly qualified development team, we carry out intensive research and development work in our in-house laboratories and test environments. In connection with the constant observation of market developments, we always initiate impulses that lead to new, safer and more comfortable products.

Our development work is based on two impulses: the specific requirements of our customers and the practical use of new ideas. That is why new products from DOYMA mark market standards for sealing and fire protection systems. A highly motivated development team works tirelessly to find the ultimate solutions that take better safety performance and user friendliness of the sealing and fire protection systems into account.

It is our aim to constantly grow beyond ourselves: Our products are continuously improved and product applications are continuously optimized.

Dr. Andreas Wulfes, management product strategy and innovation

The engineers, application technicians, mechanical engineering and chemical experts, as well as the construction specialists from DOYMA, leave nothing to chance. CAD-based development programs and simulation processes are highly specialized tools to turn innovative ideas into reality. State-of-the-art 3D prototyping and FDM technology create realistic functional models. Sensitive measuring stations and test units control the sealing effect and the fire protection properties of the DOYMA products in analytical steps. Again and again.

The intelligent combination of different technical materials creates constructive freedom for improved functional principles, long-lasting product properties and simplified application forms. Our experts are highly specialized in dealing with: fiber cement, steel and stainless steel surface, finishing, elastomers, high-performance plastics and chemical materials.

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