DOYMA has been one of the co-founders, has been with the company from the start and is a full member of the House Entries for Pipes and Cables Association (FHRK).

The association for house entries for pipes and cables e.V., founded on June 29, 2010, is based in Schwerin. It should generally develop and promote interest in the professional sealing of house entries for supply and disposal lines, e.g. through information and education to:

• consumers (builders),
• planning bodies
• Schools and training centers
• construction sites
• public institutions
• manufacturers
• political institutions
• Promotion of the professional, economical and safe use of house entries
• Definition of guidelines and technical standards

In addition, the FHRK promotes the professional, economical and safe use of house entries. Internal working groups of the association develop cross-competitive industry solutions, such as defined quality standards and guidelines. All members contribute their experiences to the working groups. The aim is to publish the solutions found together so that they:

1. are accepted by experts (planners, specialist companies and experts) as recognized rules of technology,
2. serve as a basis for legal disputes,
3. and specialist companies use them as the basis for their execution.

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FHRK Website (GERMAN version)

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