Curaflex® gasket inserts

Seal off intelligently - simply and safely

DOYMA Curaflex® is a synonym for safe sealing of building penetrations for pipes and cables. Curaflex® gasket inserts are indispensable for sealing off supply and disposal lines in the following sectors: building and civil engineering, sanitation, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, piping.

Functioning principle
The rubber seals located between the medium pipe and the pipe sleeve or the core bore, and the two profiled steel rings in the installation condition are then pressed together by tightening the nuts. The rubber then closes the gap between the media pipe (cable or cable conduits) and the pipe sleeve or the core bore securely. Re-tightening is no longer necessary.

The Curaflex® safety principles

Die Curaflex® Sicherheitsprinzipien


Only Curaflex® gasket inserts are fitted with steel ring
profiles on both sides. They ensure optimum contact pressure - caringly towards the media pipe and strongly towards the core bore/pipe liner (up to DN 350).


Specially developed for ageing resistant
elastomer prevents the sealing insert from slipping under load due to friction-reducing substances.

Typical application areas

  • gas and water pipes
  • drainage pipes
  • heating and district heating pipes
  • electrical cables, cable conduits
  • shaft structures
  • sewage works

    Capacity range

    • against pressing and non-pressing water
    • in built-in pipe sleeves
    • in waterproof concrete core bores
    • for applications with waterproof membranes (white tanking) or thick coatings (black tanking)
    • gas-tight against any gases which do not attack the material (e.g. air, nitrogen, noble gases)
    • angles of 8° are possible
    • maintenance free, without re-tightening

      Further development: Curaflex Nova® Multi

      Easily installed - intelligent adjustment

      DOYMA has achieved a new stroke of genius: Curaflex Nova® Multi.
      Curaflex Nova® Multi will inspire designers and contractors alike. Now it is easier than ever to plan more accurately - because there are just two parameters needed for sealing pipe entries into a building: the pipe outside and the core or sleeve inside diameters.
      This is all that's neccessary to ensure the right solution on site. Even unforeseen situations with different sizes of service pipes cvan be readily accommodated, easily and flexibly.

      High-performance plastic
      Lengthy and often cosly delays are now simply eliminated. Another novelty: the frame is made of special high-performance plastic that has outstanding chemical resistance.

      Very important: Curaflex Nova® Multi masters all pressure conditions, no matter whether pressing or non-pressing water.




      A convincing solution: Adapt a gasket insert with push-in modules to suit different service pipe diameters. Using the DDE system (DOYMA diameter extension) it is possible fo the user to seal service pipes over a wide size range. The convenient pull tabs make it possible to do this manually - without using tools.

      The specially developed, wedge-shaped geometry of the modules significantly reduces the force required for effecting a realiable seal. The controlled pressure on service pipe and core bore is
      guaranteed at all times, because the proven DPS system is also integrated.


      (Curaflex Nova® Senso and Curaflex Nova® Multi) ITL
      (Integrated Torque Limiter) shear nuts always guarantee the correct torque when installing. Special tools are unnecessary. Thus, two important user requirements have been fulfilled. And everything is sealed perfectly.

      The innovative ITL makes it possible. The huts, specially developed for this purpose, shear off quickly and reliably when the defined torque is reached. An that improves installation security enormously.

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      > Curaflex® sealing inserts against non-pressing water