Curaflex® pipe sleeves

Safe and proven


Curaflex® pipe sleeves are the proven classics for cases where permanently sealed apertures for building renovations need to be made. They form a perfect system in combination with the Curaflex® gasket inserts. Whether made of special fibre cement or steel, Curaflex® pipe sleeves enable leadthroughs to be made for all piping during the building phase or subsequently.

Curaflex® pipe sleeves offer all the options even for cases where there are no suitable core bores or openings available.

Basic Curaflex® pipe sleeves variations

  • for clean building penetrations
  • for specified use in or in front of the wall

Typical application areas

    • gas and water pipes Drainage pipes
    • heating and district heating pipes
    • electrical cables, cable conduits
    • shaft structures
    • sewage works

    Capacity range

    • against pressing and non-pressing water
    • gas-tight with optional coating
    • use in waterproofs concrete structures (white tanking)
    • use with waterproof membranes or thick coatings (black tanking)
    • for fitting in walls installation in front of walls
    • can be combined with all Curaflex® gasket inserts in split version for renovation work