Curaflex® combinations

Safety with system

Curaflex® combinations combine the safety performance of Curaflex® gasket inserts with the high-quality Curaflex® pipe sleeves from DOYMA. A wide range of combination possibilities enables permanently reliable sealing of supply and disposal pipelines in the building and civil engineering, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and pipeline sectors.

Always fits
Curaflex® combinations consist of the precise-fit components of Curaflex® gasket inserts and Curaflex® lpipe sleeves. Whether for loading with pressing or non-pressing water, installation in the wall or subsequently in front of the wall, Curaflex® combinations offer the perfect system for every pipe leadthrough.

Curaflex® combination components

  • Curaflex® gasket insert
  • Curaflex® liner pipe

Typical application areas

  • gas and water pipes
  • drainage pipes
  • heating and district heating pipes
  • electrical cables, cable conduits shaft structures
  • sewage works

Capacity range

  • against pressing and non-pressing water use in waterproof concrete structures (white tanking)
  • use with waterproof membranes or thick coatings (black tanking)
  • for fitting in walls
  • installation in front of walls
  • as split version for renovation work